“The Longleaf Writers Conference is exactly what the diffuse community of writers needs: a place to come together and study, celebrate, and innovate.  Matt and Seth have built a program that fosters conversation and connection, in addition to creativity. Not only was I impressed by the level of talent among the participants, but I also met some wonderful people whom I’ll never forget. The atmosphere of the conference—plus a good dose of sunshine—is magical; this is a place where it’s safe to make art and to share it at any stage. The combination of listening to some great words read aloud, drinking local beers at night, and digging your toes in the sand every once in a while doesn’t hurt. As a visiting editor, I got so much out of it, and left with a renewed belief that writers need one another—as comrades, as springboards, as critics—as much as they need to do the work; and, excited about all of the undiscovered voices out there. I left thinking, ‘Wow,’ so I can’t imagine how the participants felt about their experience. Probably really awesome.”


Margaux Weisman


Vintage/Anchor Books

Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group



“Longleaf Writers Conference is a dream.  The relaxed attitude gives attendees access to equal parts incredible craft classes, great nightly readings, and ample time to relax and write. The staff was beyond wonderful – helpful, accommodating, and thoughtful, not to mention brilliant creators who have built a truly special literary environment.  Whether you feel more comfortable working at their beautiful academic village or down by the water’s edge, Seaside provides an idyllic, relaxing backdrop and endless inspiration. I returned home feeling reinvigorated and ready to work,  I’m sure you will too!”


Dana Murphy

Agent and Editor